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Apple AirPods release date and price

As per a recent report by Apple insider, Apple AirPods will going to be release before Christmas but in very limited stock.

Apple AirPods

Listed Price : $159 (In India Rs 15,400)

John Gruber a long time Apple journalist said that “They are getting very close to missing the holidays, I have heard just in the last 24 hours, not from like a very well placed little birdie but from a birdie, that there’s a possibility, that there are whispers in Apple, among people who work at Apple retail, that they might actually come in ‘the next few days.”So, probably long-awaited AirPods will hit market in couple of days as per Gruber’s data. Additionally, in the end of November, Apple CEO Tim Cook also noted that the AirPods were “finalizing” and expected to ship in the “next few weeks,” in time for the holiday season.

Apple AriPods were announced with iPhone 7 and 7 plus in September, 2016. They supposed to launch in late October but the company said it still needed “a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.”

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, the reason behind the delay of AirPods was that, “the company is facing issue of, syncing audio in between two independent wireless earphones.” They are also working on “what to do when a user loses one of the earphones, or if the battery dies in just one of the ear pieces.”

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