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CES 2017: Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus

Samsung unveiled two of its Chromebook’s at CES 2017. Both look identical to each other except of their names and their processor’s. Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro, seems like siblings and yes they are. As being a Chromebook, yet they offer high configuration.


In terms of looks, both are premium with full metal design. They weight approx 2.5 pounds each. Both have 360-degree hinges for more to feel like a tablet. Full touch screen and a pen which slides out from the right side. USB Type-C port on both sides.


In terms of configuration both are running on Google’s limited Chrome OS. Both have 12.3 inch high resolution screen with gorilla glass. Full size keyboards and track pads. Storage wise both holds 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The main difference between Chromebook Pro and Plus is the processor. Chromebook Pro has an Intel Core M3 sixth-generation processor while Chromebook Plus has and ARM Processor used in android mobiles.

Price of the Chromebook Pro is set to $449 by company and will be available in stores in February. There isn’t any price set for the Chromebook Plus till now, but expected to release in spring.

This pair of the Chromebooks neither the first at CES 2017 nor the last. ASUS also announced a new Chromebook C302CA  which is also quite impressive.


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