Friday , September 20 2019
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Google AutoDraw turns your sketchy lines into a classy shape.

Drawing is the best way to shape your imagination. And Google is on the same track with its all-new drawing bot – AutoDraw. It’s an artificial intelligence based bot that turns your sketchy lines into perfect shapes or pictures. You can try this by yourself on

This new innovation from Google is based on the Quick Draw experiment launched some time before. It uses neural networks and machine learning to analyze your drawing and suggests similar objects.

Google AutoDraw

As you know drawing with mouse on screen is quite difficult. Sometimes, you yourself can’t be able to draw what you thinking of. But now with AutoDraw it’s very easy. Select the AutoDraw tool (by default selected), draw a little bit similar shape with your imagination and leave the rest on AutoDraw. It will suggest you some best matches according to your drawn shape in the above bar. Choose what you are looking for and its done. Below are some examples of mine.

Google AutoDraw Shape

For more creativity, you can also color your shapes and add text if required.

Google AutoDraw colored shape

And if you like the end result, you can download it as a .png image. And the best part is that AutoDraw works inside the browser on both your computer and mobile device. So you can easily access it through your mobile or tablet.


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