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Google eliminate over 1 Billion ‘Bad Ads’ from the Internet.

In a recent updation of one of the Google’s blog shows that, Google eliminate 1.7 billion “Bad Ads” from the internet and suspend many Adsense accounts, found culprit for the same in 2016. This ratio just double the count as compare to year 2015. 

No matter, if you are a computer geek or not. You use Internet, spend a lot of time while surfing, searching and playing online games. One common thing, which you normally see on every webpage is Ads. They are everywhere and you run through them while surfing. Some of them are genuine, and most of them are fake. This problem is getting huge day by day – fake news, online scams, click bait and much more.

Google eliminate over 1 Billion 'Bad Ads' from the Internet.

Above you can see the report, Google initially made changes in its advertisement policy. This change banned some products like payday loans and weight-loss supplements. These ads shows fake details of getting loan on 0% interest or displaying pop-ups – loose your weight in one day. Google disable 5 million such accounts.

After that, Google move forward towards trick to click advertisements. These advertisements appears like system warnings. When user clicks those warning buttons, a malicious page appears which may harm user phone. Google removed 112 million of such advertisements in 2016. Furthermore, Google also banned those advertisements which appear as a promotion of illegal products, unapproved pharmaceuticals and online gambling. All these counts reach upto 165 million of “bad ads”.

Self-clicking ads are also been an issue for a user. These ads automatically redirects you to another page or might be another website. Those websites may harm your computer or mobile, adding extension or executing malicious programs. Google removed 23,000 such ads.

But sometime only ads are not the issue, Advertisers do create the mess to promote their product using wrong ways. Google called those advertisers “tabloid cloakers.” They create ads using latest news headlines and publish them. User click those ads or links to read the story further and finds himself into spam website, trying to sell some sort of products. Google eliminates 13000 such advertisers account.

Lastly, Google also tracking down those website owners, who misuse Google Adsense platform. Some owners use their Adsense account to place Ads on websites which displays weight-loss scams, unwanted software, or sell counterfeit items. This violets Google Adsense – Terms and Conditions. Over 68,000 websites were banned and some owners did loose their Adsense Account.

After all this, Scammers are still trying to trick the system to show their scam ads. Some may succeed, but the fact is Google will continue to invest in technology to detect and stop such scams.


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