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Google is shutting down Spaces: A so-called group messaging app.

Last year, Google launched bunch of apps. One of them was “Spaces”, A so-called group messaging app. It was released in May. And now after the nine months of hustle, Google is shutting down Spaces on 17th April.

Google is shutting down Spaces

In a post on Google+, Google product manager John Kilcline says that “We’ve decided to take what we learned with Spaces, and apply it to our existing products.” Presumably one of those products is Allo, another google messaging app launched in the same period.

If you don’t know about Spaces, don’t worry most of people don’t. Let me clear, it was an experimental group messaging app. The idea was that you’d create group chats ( by inviting your friends) around a certain topic, then add content via Chrome, YouTube, and Google search. The app was more like a fourm service, than a true messaging app.

The app will become read-only on 3rd March. You won’t be able to add more content in the app after that. Currently users having ‘Spaces’ install in their smartphone will pass by a message of shutting down of app. You can save your conversation any time, before it completely shutdown on 17th April.


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