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Google’s new open source OS Fuchsia – All you need to know

Google a multi-tech giant, I don’t think any introduction will suffice its success. But what do need an introduction is Google’s new open Source OS Fuchsia. Last year, Fuchsia came out of the light by some folks outside the Google. At that time, nothing was clear that How Google will use this brand-new OS? and which gadget will hold the title –  featuring Fuchsia OS? 

Google's new open source OS Fuchsia

But yesterday, we got a first look on Google’s new open Source OS Fuchsia running on a custom Kernel called Magenta. Yes, you heard it, Magenta not Linux.

As we all know Android runs on custom Linux base. But for Fuchsia, I think company have some different plans.

Google’s new open source OS Fuchsia – All you need to know.

So far, we have seen that Google added some documentation and the tools needed to compile a user interface for the OS. After compiling, you will see that UI of Fuchsia resembles to a UI of a smartphone.

On the Home screen, you will see a User Profile. If you scroll down, you will go through recent apps and a scroll up from the profile page bring up the Google Search sections similar to Google Now.

You can adjust the volume from a given quick settings icon. There is also a software keyboard, a home button, and notifications alerts that are displayed on the bottom of the screen.

As you can see there is lot of difference between Linux based Android and Magenta based Fuchsia. Moreover, the new OS is at its initial stage of making (you can see the below video). So, definitely we will see some different and Unique stuff in the end product. But for that we have to wait a little bit longer, because there isn’t any official announcement from Google on its further making process.

Till then stay tuned and do tell us in the comment box, would you like to see Fuchsia OS in your mobile?

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