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Latest Free Android Apps 2016: You must download!

Google play store is full of android applications. Thousands of apps are being uploaded everyday. Few of them are of your need, but you don’t get them because you are not aware of their release. furthermore, you don’t even know they exist. So, here are some Latest Free Android Apps in 2016 you missed!

Trusted Contacts

One of the latest google app is Trusted Contacts. It recently released in this month. This app ensures your safety. Using this app you can share your location with your family or close one’s in case of emergency. You can add multiple contacts with this app. Furthermore added contacts can request for you location. If everything is fine you can deny request, but if you don’t your location will be shared automatically. You can also manually share your location in case of emergency.


Availability: Free on Play Store

Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Main feature of the Gboard is that it have built in google search. So, whether you are chatting on WhatsApp or any other app you will have ‘G’ icon upon you keyboard. You can search anything with in the same screen and share instantly. Just search and share with you keyboard. Furthermore it also feature voice typing, glide typing. Most of all it support over 120 languages. You can switch the languages with its multilingual typing.


Availability: Free on Play Store

Frame – Wallpapers

If you wish to experience something new every day when you unlock your mobile screen then this app is meant for you. Frame is free wallpaper app. It this app you will get HD wallpapers for almost any android smartphone. This app also publish a ‘photo of the day’ making every day unique.


Availability: Free on Play Store


Another recently released google app is PhotoScan. This app helps you to make a digital scan of a printed image. Most of all it won’t use any third party software for scanning, instead it uses your smartphone camera to scan the image. Even I scanned my childhood images with the PhotoScan. Just go with the spots and boom!!, my image is digitally scanned in no time.

photo scan_image

Availability: Free on Play Store

Android Auto

With the latest update Android Auto now work with any car. It allows the interface display on you car fit to your mobile with a bit compressed with respect to your mobile. Though you can also use Android Auto through your mobile just by putting it in the dock. You can interact with apps like Google Maps, Google Play Music, Google Search, Dialer. Android Auto is great in the car.

android auto_image

Availability: Free on Play Store


This app allows you to share your device remotely with another person for any assistance. All you need to do is, open the app, get an access code, share your code with the person form whom you need assistance. When he inputs that code both devices are ‘paired’. Now he can assist you with any problem you are facing in your mobile. Furthermore it also support built-in-voice chat. So, you can talk with the assisting person with more clarification about you problem.


Availability: Free on Play Store

Evie Launcher 2.0

One of the best android launcher is Evie. My personal favorite, it sets your home screen in such a way that everything is available with a single click. You will have customize homescreen with an app drawer available on the left side of the display. On the top you will have a universal search which will provide you instant results with in your phone. It also backup your home screen and restore it on any other device. Initially it was available with in US but now its also available in India as well as other regions.

evi launcher_image

Availability: Free on Play Store

These all apps are best of best. Must give them a shot!

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