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LG G6 Leaked details – Going to release on 26th Feb in MWC

LG, a Korean Tech Giant is up to something big in the era of Smartphones. LG at MWC (Mobile World Congress) on 26th February will going to release one of its new flagship mobile LG G6.

Above you can see the image of the top half of the device, initially appeared at The Verge.

LG G6 Design and Display

The leaked image appears to confirm that, LG G6 is made up of metal uni-body instead of plastic which was previously used by its predecessor LG G5. The Verge also claimed that LG G6 will feature 5.7-inch display with the aspect ratio of 2:1. One more interesting thing we found out from the image is that, it will have sleek bezels, moreover report specifies that LG G6 screen-to-bezel ratio is greater than 90%. However its bottom is not shown in the image, but it also expected to have little long bezels than above. You can also see the Volume up-down buttons on the left side of the device.

LG G6 closely resembles like Xiaomi Mi Mix. Both are in the quest of “all-screen phone“.

The Verge claims that, “G6 will be made entirely out of glass and metal“. It will also expected to have a waterproof headphone jack. This shows LG G6 will going to be water resistant. Moreover, LG G6 will not going to have a removable battery. The battery will be ceased inside the case, unlike its predecessors.

But there are some features which are expected to maintain just like its predecessor, that are dual-camera system and center-mounted fingerprint sensor.

As we know Samsung won’t attend the MWC this year. So we expect LG to take the centre. MWC event will begin on  26th Feb at Barcelona.


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