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Lineage OS Official Builds go live this weekend

CyanogenMod has for quite some time been the most well known custom ROM, covering number of gadgets from various producers. Yet, after the separation of Cyanogen Inc, and the ensuing end of the organization’s support of CM, Lineage OS was formed as a expansion of the venture. Although. there are number of unofficial builds of Lineage OS running on various devices. But now you will be able to get official build of Lineage OS.

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Lineage’s official

The blog entry on Lineage’s official website shows that the official builds will support “Marshmallow and Nougat capable devices”. This project will support more than 80 devices. Users will receive weekly updates by default and are signed with a private key for authentication and signature control.

Lineage OS

As compare to CyanogenMod, LineageOS will not allow root by default. These constructs, the blog says, wouldn’t dispatch with an opened root as a matter of course. However, if you’re willing to root your device then Lineage OS will give you optional flashable zip files. You’ll have to flash it once to unlock all benefits of rooted device.

Sometimes switching ROM’s cause many problems like loosing all our data alongside with whole device flashed. As a solution to this problem, Lineage OS will offer experimental data migration builds for CyanogenMod users. These builds will be available alongside the weekly releases but only for the next two months. They will allow you to flash your device running existing CM 13 or CM 14.1 installations and keep all your data intact. After installing the same, you can easily make a switch to normal weekly-updated Lineage OS builds.

These official builds are going to be available at the end of this week. You can visit to the official Lineage OS download page to check for the builds and to see whether your device is in the list or not.

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