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Google’s new open source OS Fuchsia – All you need to know

Google's new open source OS Fuchsia

Google a multi-tech giant, I don’t think any introduction will suffice its success. But what do need an introduction is Google’s new open Source OS Fuchsia. Last year, Fuchsia came out of the light by some folks outside the Google. At that time, nothing was clear that How Google will use this brand-new OS? and which gadget will hold the title –  featuring Fuchsia ... Read More »

Remix OS for Mobile turns your Smartphone into a dockable PC.

Remix OS for Mobile

In today’s world, most of the work done through smartphones. No matter, Whether you are doing official work (making presentation, arranging meeting) or entertaining yourself. 21st century is the era of powerful smartphones. But the hunger for power is never ending. So adding more power, Jide Technology announce its new Remix OS for Mobile, which can turn your mobile into a PC ... Read More »

Lineage OS Official Builds go live this weekend

lineage os

CyanogenMod has for quite some time been the most well known custom ROM, covering number of gadgets from various producers. Yet, after the separation of Cyanogen Inc, and the ensuing end of the organization’s support of CM, Lineage OS was formed as a expansion of the venture. Although. there are number of unofficial builds of Lineage OS running on various ... Read More »

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