Friday , October 23 2020
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Google’s new open source OS Fuchsia – All you need to know

Google's new open source OS Fuchsia

Google a multi-tech giant, I don’t think any introduction will suffice its success. But what do need an introduction is Google’s new open Source OS Fuchsia. Last year, Fuchsia came out of the light by some folks outside the Google. At that time, nothing was clear that How Google will use this brand-new OS? and which gadget will hold the title –  featuring Fuchsia ... Read More »

Google AutoDraw turns your sketchy lines into a classy shape.

Drawing is the best way to shape your imagination. And Google is on the same track with its all-new drawing bot – AutoDraw. It’s an artificial intelligence based bot that turns your sketchy lines into perfect shapes or pictures. You can try this by yourself on This new innovation from Google is based on the Quick Draw experiment launched ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Android Tablet will be available soon for $600

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Android Tablet

In the era of modern smartphones, Android Tablets lost their place and importance. I think this is the main reason most of the tech giants have stopped manufacturing them. But a South Korean company (Samsung) stepped in the market to change this concept with its all-new Galaxy Tab S3 Android Tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was initially reported last year. After that it was set ... Read More »

Litebook launches a new Linux Laptop for $249

In the world, full of Windows Laptops, everything is easy. Any average user with some knowledge, become easily familiar with Windows GUI. No doubt it’s a powerful and user friendly platform. But when it comes to Linux, thing changes. You can’t handle Linux with a little knowledge. Moreover, it will take time to be familiar with Linux GUI. And the ... Read More »

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Strength and Weaknesses

Redmi Note 4 Strength and Weaknesses

Xiaomi, one of the giant mobile tech company launched one of its flagship mobile Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in India. However, the same device was launched in August, 2016 in China. But in India, it is launched with almost same configuration but there is a change in SoC. Redmi Note 4 was launched in China with MediaTek SoC, while in India its ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8 new leak images shows it all

Samsung Galaxy S8 new leak images

Last month was full of rumors and leaks. Those rumors were not faded yet, and we get a new leak as a month starter. Samsung Galaxy S8 new leak images are out, showing the whole device. Many new gadgets announced and launched at MWC 2017 (Mobile World Congress) by different Tech giants. But Samsung didn’t reveal its Galaxy 8. The device ... Read More »

Hyperloop One is in early talks with the Indian government

hyperloop one

Hyperloop One could bring its high-speed, tube-based transportation system to India, and will make a call by the end of this year whether it’s feasible to operate in the country, based on conversations it’s begun having with the Indian government, per Bloomberg. The company was in the country at a “Vision for India” event, discussing how its transportation innovation could ... Read More »